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“Wahooooo my NATURIGIN dye experiment was a total success! My hair was left super soft and shiny and I am in love with the color!”
Amanda Jo, Organic Bunny
I have been dying my hair for over 23 years and have used many products. Your product by far is the best I have ever used…from the scent to how it covers my gray flawlessly.
Thank you so much for your amazing product.
Anne-Marie Musacchia, UNFI
The product is perfect for our HBA section, as we strive to have the cleanest, most effective body care products available. Hair coloring is a tough segment to be successful in with our clean requirements. This fits the bill.
Johan Bergfjord
Easy to use and covers grey hair perfectly. It does not irritate the scalp as other Hair Colours do. It is a great experience using NATURIGIN Hair Colours.
Lise Drejer, Center Materialisten
Extremely pleasant to use with a great smell and colours that last very well. Very comfortable to work with!
Marianne Petersen, Matas
I am writing to let you know, I tried one of your hair color this weekend. It’s one of the best hair colors I’ve ever tried!
It was a fabulous experience!!!
Chen Bahal, Select Nutrition Distributors
I am very satisfied with the hair colours. It covers grey hair well without looking like a helmet on top of the other hair. Positive, positive! Easy to use and smells great. To my surprise the colours actually last very well! The timing for taking in this product is perfect as the demand for anything that is natural is skyrocketing.
Agnete Ankerstjerne, Materialisten, Odder
An unbelievable nice shampoo with a lovely natural scent. The shampoo makes the hair feel healthy and groomed at the first hair wash. This is without a doubt a shampoo that I will recommend as I have rarely experienced my hair as nice and groomed as I have after using NATURIGIN Hairwash.
Ann-Sophie Christensen
NATURIGIN Hair Colours are technically fantastic as it is easy to apply, easy to use and smells terrific. The consistency is great and it does not run, which makes it easier to colour edges. I find it to be milder than traditional hair colours as it does not cause a tingling sensation. It feels great and without any discomfort, compared to other hair colours.
Ellen Rasmussen, SuperBrugsen, Juelsminde – Former Hairdresser
Dear Naturigin,
I am generally very happy with your products. I had a severe allergic reaction after I had had used a different hair colour products in UK. Ever since, as a result of my bitter experience, I have been afraid of any kind of hair colour. However, I then discovered that NATURIGIN Hair Colours do not cause me to have any allergic reactions. Hopefully other people will use NATURIGIN Hair Colours with the same confidence as I. Thanks for a lovely product.
Motoko Kimura Siig, NATURIGIN Customer
NATURIGIN Hair Colours does not itch or burn. We have most certainly lacked some more natural and ecological products within hair colours. Furthermore NATURIGIN has the most appealing packaging within the Natural Hair Colours market – there is no doubt what kind of product it is and sales are satisfactory considering the short period it has been in the market.
Janni Petersen, Materialisten, Nykøbing Falster
Dear Naturigin,
I have for several years coloured my hair with many different colours from almost all of the largest conventional hair colour suppliers out there. A short while back I tried a high-end hair colour product from Schwarzkopf who claim that their product is natural and easy to use. The result? The product left me with severe allergic reactions on my face and scalp. I also experienced respiratory problems shortly after using the product. Though I have previously experienced mild, to severe allergic reactions from using products supplied by L’Oreal and Schwarzkopf, this was by far the scariest experience.
As I am aware of my sensitivity to many of these chemical products I have of course tried natural and organic products from both health shops and the Internet, but was always disappointed by the results. The results always proved to be unstable and unsatisfactory.
Recently I tried NATURIGIN Hair Colours for the first time. Without doubt this product has given me better results than any other product, whether from large or small suppliers. No more allergic reactions and no more respiratory problems. The results were fantastic and as good as I would expect from any of the major brands. Now, whenever I want to colour my hair, I need to look no further than NATURIGIN as this products simply fulfils all my needs without leaving me with unwanted side effects and reactions.
Mette, Danish Customer

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